Sexual Health

HIFU Vaginal Tightening

With age, after childbirth, post menopause, collagen fibres within the vagina begin to lose elasticity. The vagina may become stretched and loose, may be dry, or you may be suffering with stress incontinence. HIFU technology targets the dermal and SMAS layer of the skin, for both muscular and superficial tightening. THe treatment will generate new collagen, causing the skin to tighten, tone and lift continually for up to 90 days. The treatment offers a solution for vaginal looseness, dryness and bladder weakness. Having procedure will also improve sex/vaginal sensation, vaginal sensitivity and reduce recurring vaginal bacterial infections.

Hormone Balance

Hormones are responsible for our sense of well-being, our mental focus and clarity, our SEXUAL DESIRE and many other functions needed for a happy and healthy life. As we age, our hormone balance within the body is no longer in harmony. The hormones that have been regulating your reproductive cycle, mood, sex drive and more can diminish and very often these low levels will have a negative effect of your sex life.

Dr. C Medspa can help you get back on the game! Having your hormone levels checked will make sure your levels of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen are balanced in the body. Making sure that your hormones are at balanced levels will put the spark back in your love life and keep your sexual drive high!

A few of the physical symptoms of hormone deficiency may include:

Allergies, etc.